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The synthetic vacuum cleaner bag of KLEENAIR offers many advantages over other (paper) vacuum cleaner bags . The KLEENAIR vacuum cleaner bags last twice as long as paper vacuum cleaner bag, make sure your vacuum cleaner has more suction, are moreĀ  hygienic due to microfiltration and are very solid .


The synthetic vacuum cleaner bags of KLEENAIR last twice as long as the paper vacuum cleaner bags . The dust is in fact absorbed in the fibers , without obstructing the pores. This avoids the reduction in suction power . They also fit perfectly to the shape of the compartment for the vacuum cleaner bag, making the space available , the capacity and durability are optimally utilized and less frequently you will need to change the vacuum cleaner bag .


With its unique multi- layer system, the synthetic material of the vacuum cleaner bags of KLEENAIR create optimal airflow and an even distribution of the vacuumed dust . This results in a large and constant suction over a prolonged period .


Optimal filtering

The synthetic material of the vacuum cleaner bags of KLEENAIR filters the air that leaves the cleaner and is being blown back into the room. The microfiltration of KLEENAIR vacuum cleaner bags not only gives a better vacuum result, but also results in a much cleaner air than by using an ordinary paper vacuum clean bag. The KLEENAIR vacuum clean bags help you for example to prevent allergens and different types of bacteria from developing.